Premier Dentist Partners
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Our Supported Dentists Benefit from Maximum Flexibility

We create a unique path for excellent dentists at all stages of their careers to partner with us. Whether you recently graduated from dental school, are midway through your career, or are looking for retirement options, Premier Dentist Partners can help you achieve your next goal.

Unique, Tailored Partnerships

Premier Dentist Partners offers flexible solutions to meet your individual needs

Owners with One Practice

  • Transition your practice to the next stage of your career and solidify your growth or retirement plans
  • Preserve your legacy, knowing your brand and culture will remain intact
  • Gain a better work-life balance with support in all non-clinical functions

Owners with Multiple Practices

  • Maintain and grow your brand with unmatched non-clinical support and capital resources
  • Expand your business’ footprint with flexible partnership options created unique to your situation and goals
  • Enhanced financial health and capital support

Our Process

Step 1

We get to know you and your practice – we learn your unique needs to best understand how we can help you achieve your specific goals.

Step 2

We create a plan together and structure a partnership that meets your individualized needs.

What We Look for

We help you maintain and grow the legacy of your practice as you look towards the next stage in your career. Owners and associates who are interested in forming a collaborative partnership with a highly experienced team, building significant long-term wealth, improving local communities, and delivering excellent clinical care are a great fit with our team.

What it Means to Partner

  • We create collaborative partnerships with high-quality dentists, taking a customized approach to your particular situation
  • You retain your clinical autonomy so you can focus on serving patient needs
  • We are focused on making your life better by removing the administrative headaches of running your practice.

Road to Equity Ownership

  • Unlock your Equity Value
  • Focus on Patient Care
  • Preserve your Practice Legacy
  • Improve Your Quality of Life

We’d love to hear about your practice, even if you’re not sure what your next step is.