Premier Dentist Partners
Our Approach

Collaborative Partnerships to Improve Dentists’ Lives

Our straightforward name is a testament to what we do: Work with dentists to develop premier partnerships.

A Premier Dental Support Organization

Our affiliated dentists maintain their brand, which they built to support the communities they love while enjoying a higher quality lifestyle focused more on patient care with us.

Fewer Distractions, More Happiness

Our affiliated dentists lead their clinical practice and make their own treatment decisions, while the Premier Dentist Partners’ team provides non-clinical support. This collaboration allows you to provide excellent patient care making for healthier patients and happier dentists.


Payroll, onboarding, and training adds complexity and stress to your day at the clinic. We handle all of your recurring human resources workstreams so that you have more time to be the best dentist you can be.

Human Resources & Recruiting

From sourcing hard-to-find dental hygienists to administering benefits, our deep industry relationships help you recruit the talent you need to deliver the highest standard of care.

Finance & Accounting

Premier Dentist Partners manages all your practice cash inflows and outflows, from bank accounts to vendor relationships.


Our team of marketing experts will help support your practice growth. Targeted, data-driven outreach helps us find the right patients.

Information Technology

With current software, automation, and advanced technology, we can take your practice to the level. We focus on staying well-informed of industry standards, regulations, and compliance to protect your practice and information.

Insurance & Credentialing

Our team will take care of credentialing and reduce office administrative work while optimizing fee schedules and payment timeliness.

We’d love to hear about your practice, even if you’re not sure what your next step is.